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A Shower in Dover Looks Stunning Thanks to Our Tile Cleaning Experts

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March 18, 2024

A couple in Dover worked hard to upkeep the shower in their master bathroom. They took turns cleaning all bathroom surfaces and made small changes to their routine whenever the shower needed some extra attention. Because of that, it didn't slip their notice when their cleaning efforts stopped yielding the desired results.

Shower Stall Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Dover
The couple's main concern was the embedded dirt on the grout, specifically the horizontal seams and under the corner shelves. They knew that the smallest stain was enough to compromise the shower's hygiene and the discoloration could be a sign of deeper structural issues. Hours of looking at the problem from different angles also showed that the shower as a whole didn't look as impressive as it used to, which is why the homeowners decided to enlist a tile cleaning service in Dover.

They found Sir Grout of Sussex County on their first Google search and the wealth of information available immediately made our website stand out. The couple checked other options to cover all the bases but their mind was made up early on. They gave us a call to ask for more information and one of our agents graciously described our services, introducing the option the schedule an in-home evaluation. The homeowners were pleased with this approach and secured an appointment before ending the call.

On the scheduled date, our specialists arrived at the couple's home in Dover. They inspected the shower stall and took note of all the problems at hand. The clients hadn't slacked off on their chores so, for the most part, the stains sat on the lower side of the walls, spreading from the seams to the tiles. Mold and soap scum had done a number on the corner joints and there was no protection to keep the porous surface from absorbing more external elements every day. Our techs explained that traditional cleaners do little to counter the issue because they create a foamy film that traps the dirt where it lands. Between that and the regular dampness that permeates shower surfaces, it's not uncommon to find new stains every day.

The solution was simple: to ensure a lasting improvement, our crew needed to deep clean the shower stall and seal the grout after making the necessary repairs. They gave a step-by-step rundown of the process so the couple would be reassured by the effectiveness of our methods. The clients agreed that this was the best course of action, so they scheduled a new appointment after thanking our techs for their assistance during the inspection.

Before the end of the week, our experts returned to the couple's house with all the necessary equipment. They prepared the shower area with clear plastic and masking tape before they started deep cleaning the surface with a permeating formula. Then, our techs used a 275-degree vapor steamer to fully eliminate mold and efflorescence, ensuring that no stains were left on narrow harder-to-reach areas like the corner joints and the shelves.

When it was time to restore the grout, our specialists removed the loose caulk from the seams and installed a water-resistant epoxy solution, effectively ruling out all the downsides of cement-based grout. The grout lines on the walls and the floor were recolored with our signature ColorSeal, an acrylic-based sealant that repels mold, mildew, hard water, and other substances. By the end of the process, the spotless grout was the perfect match for the smooth ceramic tiles.

The couple was delighted with the result and they made sure to show their gratitude. After taking their time admiring the shower, they both promised to recommend our amazing tile cleaning services to all the people they knew in Dover.

Our specialists went over some important cleaning tips at the end of their visit. Bleach and other traditional cleaners won't provide more than lackluster results, usually adding more hours to a homeowner's cleaning routine. As our techs explained, pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are the ideal solution to ensure a tangible improvement. Our product combines the best ingredients to eliminate common shower stains in little time and it doesn't weaken the sealant's protection while cleaning the grout. Because there are no harsh chemicals in its formulas, homeowners don't have to worry about tile discoloration and they can use our product as often as needed without contaminating their bathroom with toxic fumes. We also recommend to use non-abrasive tools when it comes to scrubbing off embedded dirt and any residue that remains between the tiles.

Our last recommendation was a general reminder to open the windows and doors from time to time. In many cases, an indoor ventilation system isn't enough to fight all the effects of moisture buildup on bathroom surfaces. A healthy circulation of fresh air can make all the difference to prevent the spread of mold before it becomes a problem.

If you're not satisfied with your shower's current look, the solution is within reach. Sir Grout of Sussex County provides thorough cleaning, sealing, and restoration services to preserve the most important parts of your home. Just call (302) 306-4245 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment with our crew. You can also subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates. Don't miss the perfect chance to revamp your bathroom surfaces!
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