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Our Techs Used Their Grout Cleaning Expertise to Revive This Shower in Millsboro

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June 17, 2024

A homeowner in Millsboro felt like all his cleaning efforts were going nowhere each time he looked at his shower. From the stains on the floor to the bits of grout that went loose every day, the shower hadn't looked its best in months. After going through different cleaners and some DIY tips he'd found online, the homeowner decided to leave the problem in the hands of a professional.

Shower Floor Before and After a Grout Cleaning in Millsboro
This decision led him to Sir Grout of Sussex County and the homeowner wanted to contact our grout cleaning service in Millsboro after only a few minutes of looking through our website. Still, he didn't rush things, reading through some of our service pages and checking our picture gallery before he finally headed to our scheduler to request our crew's services.

Following said request, our specialists visited his house a couple of days later for an in-home evaluation. The homeowner led them to the master bathroom, where our techs immediately started inspecting the shower. The problems stood out from the very beginning, particularly the large marks left by efflorescence all over the walls and floors. A closer look revealed moldy spots on the floor edges and cracks on the horizontal seams.

While soap and minerals play a big part in the corrosion of shower surfaces, generic cleaners do a lot to worsen the problem after it appears. Instead of removing the dirt, these products create a foamy film that pushes external elements into the grout's porous surface so the stains spread out of the homeowner's control. In light of this, our experts offered to return at a later date to conduct a full restoration of the shower stall. Grateful for their offer, the client immediately asked about their availability to return later that week.

So, on the agreed-upon date, our techs returned to the house with all the necessary equipment for the restoration. They prepared the shower area quickly and efficiently before using a special cleaner on every surface. In a few minutes, the embedded dirt grew loose and our techs were able to scrub off all the residue. They also vapor cleaned the stall to remove all traces of mold and mildew.

It was time to fix the damage on the seams. To do this, our specialists removed all the loose caulk and installed epoxy grout around the shower floor, enhancing its resistance to liquids and other external elements. Then, they used our signature ColorSeal to restore the grout lines on the wall to their former beauty.

By the end of the process, the shower looked as good as new, so our techs knew it was time to let the client review the result. As expected, he was delighted by what he saw and he promised to spread the word about our services after thanking our team for their hard work.

Near the end of the appointment, our techs took the chance to share some additional cleaning tips. For starters, they knew that the client would never get the desired result if he stuck to bleach and soap-based cleaners. PH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner are far more effective, and the effect is easy to see from the first try. Our cleaner doesn't subject tile and grout surfaces to harsh ingredients and removes the stains much more seamlessly. Homeowners can save time, improve the appearance of their bathroom spaces, and avoid the health risks attached to toxic fumes.

Next, we recommended using only non-abrasive tools to prevent scratch marks on the tiles. You can scrub off the dirt with a towel or a terry cloth without worrying about leaving lasting marks on the surface; this approach also helps when removing the cleaner's residue after you're done with your chores.

Lastly, good indoor ventilation is imperative to preserve shower surfaces against the effects of moisture. A damp environment is a hot spot for mold, so you need to counter that with constant circulation of fresh air. When it comes to bathroom surfaces, an easy way to do this is by opening the bathroom door and any windows in the vicinity.

Sir Grout of Sussex County assists homeowners and businesses with outstanding hard surface restoration services. This means that you don't have to lose hope after your shower surfaces start showing signs of wear and tear; our techs are ready to assist you with all their skills and the most advanced equipment. If this piques your interest, you can call (302) 306-4245 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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