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Our Grout Recoloring Experts Impressed a Couple in Ellendale After Transforming Their Bathroom Floor

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May 13, 2024

A couple in Ellendale was tired of seeing a stained floor each time they passed by the hallway bathroom. Traces of grime and dust made the tiles go from a light pearl color to an unflattering gray. The stains covered more space every day, darkening the grout and making the floor look dull and unappealing. After switching cleaners for the third time, the couple decided that looking for a grout recoloring service in Ellendale would be a better use of their time.

Bathroom Floor Before and After a Grout Recoloring in Ellendale
At first, they thought that they might have trouble narrowing down their options, but Sir Grout of Sussex County stood out from the start. The couple read as much as she could about our services and took their time admiring the results in our picture gallery before taking the next step. They filled out the online form to ask for an in-home evaluation and secured an appointment with our crew in only a few minutes.

Following the couple's request, our specialists visited their house the next day for an in-home evaluation. The homeowners welcomed them right away and led them to the bathroom while explaining some of the issues they'd encountered while cleaning the floor. During the inspection, our techs could tell that the grout was unsealed and they could see the effect of chemical cleaners on the tiles. They explained that discoloration and embedded dirt are common when homeowners use soap-based cleaners; these products create a foamy film on top of the surface that traps the dirt on the pores, so stains can spread very quickly on high-traffic areas like a bathroom floor.

To solve the problem, our experts offered to use their cleaning equipment on the floor before recoloring the grout to restore its original appearance. The couple asked some questions about the process but, overall, they agreed with our crew's assessment and had no qualms about scheduling a new appointment.

So, our techs returned to the house a few days later to work on the bathroom floor. After preparing the area, they soaked the floor with a surface-safe cleaner and removed all the stains with a high-speed scrubbing machine. Our product permeated the porous surface and got the dirt loose on the grout, so our crew had no trouble readying the floor for the next part of the process.

They applied Sir Grout's ColorSeal on all the grout lines on the floor. Our sealant is available in multiple colors, so our specialists recolored the grout in white according to the couple's preference. After they removed the residue, the grout was left with the most reliable protection to reduce the number of stains caused by mold, mildew, grime, and more.

To complete the process, our specialists buffed the floor one last time until all the tiles shined evenly against the room's lighting. The homeowners were thrilled with the result. They admired the tiles' new look and praised our techs for their work on the grout. They also promised to tell more people in Ellendale about our grout recoloring services.

At the end of the appointment, our techs took a moment to share some additional cleaning pointers. They understood the trials of keeping bathroom surfaces looking stain-free day after day, so they introduced the most effective ways to go about it. First, traditional cleaners like bleach and soap-based solutions don't have enough cleaning power to deal with embedded dirt. That's why we always recommend using pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner instead. Our product never fails to meet expectations, removing large stains in minutes and preserving the sealant's protection on the grout. Homeowners don't have to worry about tile discoloration or exposure to toxic fumes because our product doesn't need harsh chemicals to deliver the best results.

Another recommendation was to clean the floor with a towel or a mop, and to avoid using sharp tools on hard surfaces. Non-abrasive tools are far more effective at removing the dirt that gets stuck between the tiles and they don't scratch the ceramic in the process. Lastly, we recommend opening the windows and doors to encourage the circulation of fresh air. Bathroom spaces don't get as much ventilation as other parts of the house, and this may lead to many problems when you add moisture buildup to the mix.

If you're struggling to preserve the hygiene of your bathroom surfaces, Sir Grout of Sussex County brings the perfect solution. Our experts are always ready to assist homeowners with the maintenance of their bathroom floors, vanity, and shower stalls. We provide a thorough hard surface restoration service to fix any type of damage, and the result will have high-traffic surfaces looking as good as new. Interested? Just call (302) 306-4245 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates. You don't have to suffer the discomfort of a dirty shower. Sir Grout of Sussex County will help you restore your bathroom surfaces!
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