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Our Crew Revamped a Floor in Farmington with Their Amazing Stone Polishing Skills

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April 09, 2024

A homeowner in Farmington was always careful while taking care of the stone surfaces in her home, so she knew right away when it was time to leave the task in the hands of a professional. Beautiful stone tiles connected the house entrance to the large living room area, but the surface had started to show the effects of wear and tear.

Mud Floor Before and After a Stone Polishing in Farmington
Because of this, the homeowner could see etch marks and other stains when the tiles were hit by the sun coming from outdoors. After years of looking after that part of the house, she wasn't surprised when her cleaners brought no improvement, concluding that the safest option was to contact a stone polishing service in Farmington.

That's how she found Sir Grout of Sussex County, and it didn't take long for the homeowner to decide that she'd found the right place. She read some of our website's content before giving us a call to ask some questions of her own, and our agent didn't let her down. He went over all the stone services we provide and assisted the client when she requested an in-home evaluation. All in all, the homeowner felt great about her decision and her confidence only grew after our techs visited her home for the first time.

She was waiting for them on the appointed date, so she recognized our standard uniform right away. During their evaluation, our specialists walked around the mud floor and living room area to check the state of all the tiles, immediately spotting all the marks that the homeowner had seen over the previous weeks. The color on the tiles looked muted and the surface had a rough appearance that dimmed most of the stone's natural sheen. Our experts explained that these were all common occurrences in areas subjected to constant foot traffic, with chemical-based cleaners usually adding to the problem. The harsh ingredients in these products only serve to leave the stone more vulnerable to deterioration, especially when there's no sealant to protect it.

Now that they had all their answers, our techs offered to conduct a complete restoration on the floor, since the stone needed a thorough polishing to look as good as it did in the past. The homeowner agreed with their assessment and took the chance to secure a new appointment with our crew.

Before the end of the week, our experts were back at her house and they got to work right away. The first step was preparing the area for polishing, so they applied a stone-safe cleaner on the floor. They spread the product across all the tiles, using a high-speed scrubbing machine to remove all traces of dirt.

Once they were done with this part, our techs honed the stone tiles with different sets of diamond pads, adjusting the levels of grit as they removed the etch marks on the surface. Then, they used special polishing powders to restore the tiles' natural color and glow.

To preserve this result, our crew completed the restoration with a thorough stone sealing service. Our sealant protects natural stone from external elements, liquids, and even UV rays, creating the perfect barrier to prevent new stains. It is also essential to preserve stone surfaces in areas where foot traffic is always expected.

The floor looked gorgeous, and the homeowner marveled at how the tiles reflected the pattern from the glass panes on the door. She praised our tech's expertise and took her time admiring the floor long after the restoration was complete.

At the end of their visit, our experts shared some additional tips that would come in handy during routine maintenance. They recommended replacing traditional cleaners with pH-neutral formulas like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. This way, homeowners harness more cleaning power without having to worry about damage to delicate stone surfaces. Our cleaner doesn't cause discoloration or trap the dirt on the stone pores. It represents a simple way to get much better results when working on high-traffic surfaces like the client's living room floor.

The wrong cleaning tools could also undo much of your progress, scratching the surface and leaving residue behind. That's why our techs also recommended cleaning stone surfaces with a clean mop, a towel, or a terry cloth. Lastly, our techs told the client about the importance of keeping good ventilation inside every room. Luckily, her home's ground floor had several windows and plenty of space to keep a constant flow of fresh air. The client still thanked them for the reminder and their amazing work on the floor, promising to recommend our services to everyone she knew.

You deserve to bask in the beauty of your natural stone surfaces. Sir Grout of Sussex County provides all the care to preserve your floors, countertops, and other stone surfaces inside your home. Trust our specialists and be amazed by the result. You can call (302) 306-4245 or schedule a free quote online to request an appointment. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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