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A Shower in Millsboro Got the Most Thorough Tile Cleaning Service from Our Specialists

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January 07, 2024

A homeowner in Millsboro felt like he was fighting a losing battle each time he tried to clean his shower. He'd dedicated all his free time to the soiled shower stall, scrubbing relentlessly at the thick layer of dirt that covered most of the surface. He'd had no luck, and the shower only looked worse with each passing day. Dirt spread everywhere he looked, to the point that the homeowner couldn't even remember the shower's original appearance.

Shower Floor and Wall Before and After a Tile Cleaning in Millsboro Feeling the situation was getting out of hand, he decided to ask for an informed opinion. He went online looking for a reliable restoration company and Sir Grout of Sussex County jumped at the top of his search results. The more he read about our Millsboro tile cleaning, the better he felt about his chances of reviving his shower.

The homeowner read more about our online content, but he'd made up his mind by then. He contacted our specialists via our website's scheduler and requested an in-home evaluation. As expected, our specialists responded right away, and the homeowner welcomed them into his home on the date he'd set for the visit.

There was no denying that the shower had seen better days. Layers of soap scum spread across all the walls and most of the floor. The stains took an orange hue around the seams, making the shower look even more unhygienic. Our techs could tell that water had seeped into the corner joints so they were extra careful while checking the grout for cracks and structural damage. They shared their findings with the client after completing the evaluation.

Basically, mold and efflorescence were embedded in the porous surface, leaving little chance to remove the stains through regular means. Our techs explained that traditional cleaners do more harm than good because they create a soapy film that only helps the absorption of external elements. Moisture buildup had also added to the problem to the point that parts of the caulk had grown loose, putting a strain on the shower joints. Before the homeowner got too anxious thinking about the worst-case scenario, our techs reassured him that there was no lasting damage. Sir Grout's methods were powerful enough to work through all the stains, and our techs offered their expertise to fix the problems on the grout. Relieved, the client immediately scheduled a second appointment for the restoration.

So, on the appointed date, our specialists returned to his house, bringing along all the necessary equipment to revamp the shower. The first step was eliminating the mold, mildew, and efflorescence. Our crew soaked all shower surfaces with a special cleaner and scraped off the dirt as it got loose. This surface-safe formula works against common shower stains and simplifies routine maintenance for homeowners. It's the ideal solution to keep external elements from leaving a lasting mark on tile and grout surfaces.

After steam cleaning the shower stall, our techs moved on to the next part of the process. They repaired the damage to the seams and replaced the old caulk with epoxy grout. Resistant to water, mold, and other external elements, our epoxy grout is the best way to preserve shower joints against the worst effects of wear and tear. To restore the grout lines on the floor and the walls, our techs applied ColorSeal to the grout. They recolored the surface according to the client's specifications and had all the grout lines looking spotless in no time. Our signature sealant keeps dirt and liquids from getting into the grout pores, providing the most effective protection to keep the most exposed parts of a shower stain-free for a long time.

At the end of the restoration, there was no way to tell that the shower had ever been stained. The tiles looked smooth and the white grout added to the shower's appeal. The client was speechless when he saw the results for the first time. He later praised our team and promised to spread the word about our restoration services. He knew that no other company could compare.

Our experts had some additional pointers to share before it was time to leave the client's home. The homeowner had already expressed her worries about working with subpar cleaners, so our techs introduced the best alternative for hard surface maintenance. Nothing can top the power of pH-neutral products like Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner. Unlike soap-based formulas, our cleaner removes all the dirt without leaving anything stuck to the grout pores. It's also the best choice to preserve tile and grout surfaces in the long run because it doesn't have harsh ingredients that could eventually cause discoloration. Lastly, our product doesn't release chemical fumes into the air, so homeowners don't need to deal with potential health complications from their weekly cleaning routine.

Other recommendations were meant to help the client fight the effects of moisture buildup. It's never easy to counter mold and mildew in an environment that's constantly exposed to dampness. For this reason, our techs always remind clients about the importance of keeping the air from becoming stale around bathroom surfaces. Opening the windows and doors a few times a day can make a world of difference, and it doesn't entail a huge change in your cleaning routine. In addition, we recommend using a towel or a squeegee to clean any soap residue or pools of water sitting around the shower.

You can count on Sir Grout of Sussex County to help you keep a spotless shower. Our specialists know how to deal with all sorts of stains and our restoration services can stand the test of time, even when it comes to high-traffic surfaces. Don't settle for less than the best service in Millsboro and contact us today. You can call (302) 306-4245 or schedule a free quote online to set an appointment with our crew. Also, be sure to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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